Amex SimplyCash, just not worth it

Amex Mar 9, 2021

The Amex SimplyCash is the little brother of the Amex SimplyCash Preferred with an earn rate of 1.25% cashback on all purchases and no annual fee it is a really good catch-all card.

Annual Fee & Signup Bonus

  • No Annual Fee
  • Earn 2.5% cashback in the first month 3 months up to $150.

Earning rates + Bonuses

  • 1.25% cashback

Redemption Options

  • The cashback is payout annually in September as a statement credit.


  • $100,000 Travel Accident Insurance
  • Buyer’s Assurance Protection Plan
  • Purchase Protection Plan


The only reason I would get the Amex SimplyCash is if I didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to get a better a better CPP evaluation than 1.25 CPP, if I didn’t mind the hassle then I would go with the Amex Choice as if the fixed point flight redemption you could get up to 1.8 CPP.


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